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His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Visit
Vancouver, B.C., to give teachings in October

Kagyu Center Prepares for First Three-Year Retreat
Based on Many Years of Experience and Preparations

Renunciation-focused Touching Earth Sangha
Seeking Home Base to Deepen Dharma Activities

Great Vow Zen Monastery Invites All People
To Make Life Vows at the Shrine of Vows

A Pilgrim’s Process?
A Monastic Journey Through Buddhist Lands

Using Dharma to Ease Congressional Gridlock
Seattle Attorney Nurtures Harmony for Congress

Seattle Animal Advocacy Group Helps Dogs in Need
In Sarnath, India, Where the Buddha First Taught

Lay Contemplatives Living Almost as Monastics
In the Middle of Active Urban Life

2,500th Baby Welcomed by Tibetan Healing Fund
Center for Natural Birth and Health Training