2016 The Year of Sustainability

The board of the Northwest Dharma Association has designated 2016 as The Year of Sustainability. 2016 will mark the 27th year since the official recognition of NWDA as a charity. These years have been a heroic effort, depending on the generosity and good intentions of a great many supporters, volunteers and donors. Now it is time to plan for the…

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Compassionate Action

With great joy, chanting together for 24 hours

Sixteen members of the Portland Threshold Choir led an hour of Chanting again this year

A diverse group of spiritual friends gathered at Great Vow Monastery in Oregon on August 1, for the 13th annual 24-Hour Interfaith Chant for Peace. The sound of chanting filled the zendo, halls, and surrounding meadows from Saturday noon to Sunday noon, with the energy continually refreshed by new participants arriving. The Chant for Peace is distinguished by its 24-hour…

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Dharma Education

Blue Heron’s Anita Feng, after Transmission,
Becomes One of Few Female Zen Masters

Zen Master Jeong Ji, shortly after receiving dharma transmission, shares the wisdom of her lineage with Blue Heron sangha

On a warm June evening fresh with summer, a crowd gathered at Blue Heron Zen Community in north Seattle to see Anita Feng receive transmission from her teacher Zen Master Ji Bong (Robert Moore). Feng ‘s teaching title and name is now Zen Master Jeong Ji. The transmission ceremony publicly conferred the title of Zen master on Jeong Ji, and…

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Dharma Healing, Arts

Jade Buddha’s Last Visit, New Temple, 
Attracted Visitors to August Seattle Ceremony

Buddhist leaders, temple members and temple friends, gathered from around the region for the ceremony

Several hundred people gathered at Seattle’s Duoc Su Ten Thousand Medicine Buddha Temple on a sunny August day, to see the beautiful Jade Buddha for Universal Peace. The visitors also were there to see the construction progress at the Medicine Buddhist Temple, also called the Buddhist Cultural Center of the Northwest, which is nearing completion after four years of work….

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Sangha News

Portland’s 12th Buddhist Festival Celebrates
Diversity, Harmony Among Many Traditions

“Peace in oneself, peace in the world,” was the theme of the 12th annual Portland Buddhist Festival, dedicated to Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, who is currently recovering from a serious stroke. The June 13 festival was celebrated at Colonel Summers Park in Portland.  The event brings together sanghas (communities) from many Buddhist traditions to celebrate the teachings of…

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