Northwest Dharma Association

About NWDA

Tim Tapping, President

George Draffan, Secretary and Executive Director

Timothy O’Brien, NWDA Treasurer

Steve Wilhelm, Editor, Northwest Dharma News

Who is the Northwest Dharma Association?

We are a unique regional association of more than 150 Buddhist groups and 4,000 individual supporters in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Idaho, and Montana. 

The mission of the Northwest Dharma Association is to support Buddhist teachings, practice, and community in the Pacific Northwest.

We foster a network of friendship and support among Buddhist groups and individual Buddhists from all traditions. We promote communication among Buddhists and with the larger community. We sponsor activities of interest and benefit to Northwest Buddhists.

The Pacific Northwest is host to one of the most diverse gatherings of Buddhists in history, a Maha-Sangha (Great Community) of individuals and organizations. The individuals are new and experienced meditators, teachers and students, monastics and lay practitioners, and those who are simply interested in Buddhism and supportive of the Association’s activities.

Programs and Events

NWDA maintains a directory of Buddhist groups and a calendar of their events, publishes the quarterly Northwest Dharma News, and co-sponsors events with Buddhists of multiple traditions.

We support inclusive communities embracing Asian and Western, lay and monastic, men and women, traditional and modern. We’ve brought together teachers from every Buddhist tradition. We’ve co-sponsored Buddhist culture and arts events such as our day-long Celebrating the Sangha. We’ve also co-sponsored educational events such as contemplative caregiving seminars for family caregivers, health care professionals and chaplains. We’ve partnered with other cutting-edge programs such as the Buddhist Recovery Summit.

An Invitation

Buddhist practice has been thriving for 2,500 years. Beginning in northern India, spreading across Asia, and now Europe and the Americas, wherever it has appeared, the heart of Buddhist way of life has been wisdom, compassion, and generosity. Buddhism has adapted to many different cultures, so there are many Buddhist traditions: Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana, Pure Land, lay and monastic, meditative and socially engaged, ancient and modern. And as Buddhism now takes root in the West, it is inspiring effective, even life-saving methods in social work, psychology, and medicine.

The groups participating in the Northwest Dharma Association are large and small, encompassing diverse Buddhist traditions and cultures. Some are ancient, some are modern cutting-edge, and all are serving their neighborhoods and communities. There are Buddhist temples, meditation groups of all kinds, socially engaged Buddhist organizations like the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Northwest Buddhist Recovery, Patacara, Wise Caregiving, and the Tibetan Nuns Project, and Buddhist-related cultural and artistic institutions such as the Seattle Asian Art Museum Gardner Center, and Dance Mandal. Together we are building a great community of awareness, compassion, and generosity.

NWDA is a community-based effort offered freely to anyone interested in learning more about Buddhism in the Northwest. Please consider supporting our work, which depends on the generosity people like you.

If you are a Buddhist group in Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, or Washington, you may apply here to be included in our online directory and calemdar.

Become an individual supporter of NWDA here.

Contact us here about volunteering or supporting NWDA.