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Spring 2018, Volume 31, #1

Northwest Dharma Association 2017 Annual Report

2017 Accomplishments Inclusive Communities: Northwest Dharma Association participated in a dialogue with a World Affairs Council delegation of Christians, Jews and Muslims from around the world (May 2017). Contemplative Caregiving: NWDA co-sponsored the Buddhist Recovery Summit for practitioners, teachers and clinicians, to collaborate and share resources and perspectives (October 2017). Dharma Arts & Culture: NWDA’s “Celebrating the Sangha” event at…

Seattle Teacher Bonnie Duran First NativeAmerican to Join Spirit Rock Teachers Council

Bonnie Duran

Bonnie Duran, a Seattle-based dharma teacher and Native American scholar, has joined the Spirit Rock Meditation Center Teachers Council. This makes Duran the first Native American, and the first Northwesterner, to join the council. The council sets policy for Spirit Rock Meditation Center, which is in Marin County north of San Francisco. Covering 412 acres, and serving 60,000 people annually,…

New Urban Centre for Dharma Drum Vancouver

Reflecting the honoring of Asian and Western practitioners

In March 2018 the Vancouver Chan Meditation Centre opened in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, dedicated to sharing the dharma with Westerners. The new centre is an offshoot of the existing Dharma Drum Vancouver Centre, which is in a southern suburb of Vancouver and which primarily serves Chinese dharma practitioners. The new facility, at 333-550 Broadway, will host meditation classes as…

Reflections on a Weekend of Radical Dharma

Reverend Angel Kyoto Williams

Reverend Angel Kyodo Williams, sensei, the second of only four black women recognized as teachers in the Japanese Zen lineage of Buddhism, visited Seattle this December to offer a weekend of radical dharma.  Reverend Williams based her offering on the book “Radical Dharma,” which she co-authored with Lama Rod Owens and Jasmine Syedullah. Co-hosted by 8 Limbs yoga, Rainier Beach…

Vietnamese Dia Tang Temple CelebratesLunar New Year with Lights and Lots of Smiles

Women with incense bowing to the Buddha, at Dia Tang Temple's Lunar New Year Celebration

With incense, prayers and blessings, amidst colorful lights, banners and lanterns, people of many cultures ushered in the Vietnamese Lunar New Year at Dia Tang Temple in Lynnwood, Washington. The Feb. 15 event marked about 20 years at this sprawling hillside property north of Seattle.  By 9 p.m. cars were squeezing into the last few empty spaces in the parking…

Three NW African-American Buddhist TeachersShare Their Perspectives (On the Way Things Are)

Jaye Seiho Morris, a Seattle Zen priest, taps his experience in his teachings.

It is with the utmost delight that I present small snippets of conversations I had with three African-American Buddhist teachers in the Pacific Northwest.  These started out as interviews and evolved into heartfelt exchanges on topics near and dear to my heart.  I am convinced that Buddhism has much to offer us Americans of African descent.  Some of our particular…

Featured Events

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Dzogchen Buddha Path Tara Drupchen

The Grand Blessing Ceremony of the 10,000 Offerings to the 21 Noble Taras The 2018 Dzogchen Buddha Path Tara Drupchen will commence at 10 AM on Friday, April 27, 2018 and conclude at 6 PM on Sunday, April 29, 2018. (Participants may attend one or more days.) This three-day public event will be held at the Northwest Tibetan Cultural Association’s…

Mahasangha Event

Member Group: Dzogchen Shri Singha of Portland

Start: Friday, April 27
End: Sunday, April 29

Event Type:

Tradition: Nyingma
Teacher: H.E. Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche

What Buddhist Recovery Has To Offer The World

What Buddhist Recovery Has to offer the World And how we create safer spaces for vulnerable people A talk a by the new President of the Buddhist Recovery Network Meditation, Talk, Q and A Dr Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John M.A (hon.doc) will talk about the success of Buddhist Recovery Programs like Refuge Recovery, Heart of Recovery, 8 Step Recovery and many…

Mahasangha Event

Member Group: Vancouver Buddhist Center

Date: Friday, April 27
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Event Type: ,

Tradition: Ecuyana
Teacher: Vimalasara Aka Valerie Mason-John

Nonviolent Communication from the Inside Out

An interactive course in an intimate setting designed to offer participants an opportunity to learn and practice skills which reduce conflict and enhance human connection. We will meet for 4 Thursday evenings in May: May 3, 10, 24, 31. Attendance limited to 12. NVC from the Inside Out Course Outline: Nonviolent Communication is gaining recognition throughout the world as a…

Mahasangha Event

Member Group: Dharma Friendship Foundation

Date: Thursday, May 3
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Event Type: ,

Tradition: NVC
Teacher: Sura Hart

Gathering of Buddhist Teachers and Leaders

Buddhist teachers, leaders, and monastics from around the region are invited to participate in a day-long gathering on May 5th, hosted by the Seattle Koyasan Temple. We’ll be introduced to Shingon Buddhism by our host Imanaka Taijo Sensei. We’ll engage in facilitated discussions about topics of interest to the day’s participants. Perhaps the challenges of Buddhism in the modern world?…

Mahasangha Event

Member Group: Northwest Dharma Association

Date: Saturday, May 5
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Event Type: ,

Tradition: Non-sectarian

Taigen Shodo Harada Roshi Zen Calligraphy Demonstration and Dharma Talk

Please join us for an amazing event. Taigen Shodo Harada Roshi will give a talk and calligraphy demonstration. Sunday, May 13th @ 2 p.m. Bayview Hall 5642 Bayview Road, Langley Dharma Talk and Calligraphy Demonstration by one of the top calligraphers in Japan and the Abbott of Tahoma Zen Monastery in Freeland. Admission is free. Calligraphies, scrolls, and books will…

Mahasangha Event

Member Group: Tahoma One Drop Zen Monastery

Date: Sunday, May 13
Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Event Type: ,

Tradition: Rinzai Zen
Teacher: Taigen Shodo Harada Roshi

One Day Retreat with Venerable Thubten Chodron

Venerable Thubten Chodron will lead a one day retreat based on the book Practical Ethics and Profound Emptiness: A Commentary on Nagarjuna’s Precious Garland. (written by Khensur Jampa Tegchok, edited by Venerable Thubten Chodron). The retreat will feature traditional Buddhist prayers, guided meditations, and explanations on Buddhist philosophy. Some background in Buddhism helpful, but not required to attend. The event…

Mahasangha Event

Member Group: Dharma Friendship Foundation

Date: Saturday, October 20
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Event Type: , , ,

Tradition: Tibetan-non-sectarian
Teacher: Venerable Thubten Chodron


Calendar of Events

Offering Service Saturday

Join us for Offering Service Saturday One Saturday per month volunteers come together to offer service to Sravasti Abbey.  Service could include garden work, help in the forest, cleaning, or cooking — all skills and all levels of ability are welcomed. There are plenty of indoor jobs too. Please come. These days are lots of fun! Offering Service Saturdays are…

Mahasangha Event

Member Group: Sravasti Abbey

Date: Saturday, May 5
Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Venerable Thubten Chodron at East-West Books

Friday, October 19, 2018. 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Public Talk at East West Bookstore. Venerable Chodron will speak on her latest two books co-authored with His Holiness the Dalai Lama: Approaching the Buddhist Path and The Foundation of Buddhist Practice. Free to the Public; an opportunity to offer dana will be available for those who wish. East-West Books is…

Mahasangha Event

Member Group: Timothy2

Date: Friday, October 19
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Event Type:

Tradition: Tibetan-non-sectarian
Teacher: Venerable Thubten Chodron

1-Week Chenrezig Retreat

With Ven. Thubten Chodron On the Chenrezig Retreat, take a week-long vacation with the Buddha of Compassion. Join us for the Abbey’s annual 1-week meditation retreat on 1000-Armed Chenrezig. Chenrezig—also known as Kuan Yin or Avalokiteshvara—is one of the most beloved deities of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. With 1000 arms, he reaches out to care for all living beings, showing us…

Mahasangha Event

Member Group: Sravasti Abbey

Start: Monday, July 2 @ 5:00 pm
End: Monday, July 9 @ 2:00 pm

Tradition: Tibetan
Teacher: Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron

Sharing the Dharma

Her Eminence Dagmo Kusho (Dagmola) Sakya has had many roles throughout her lifetime:  wife of the founding Lama of Sakya Monastery in Seattle, His Holiness Jigdal Dagchen Sakya Dorje Chang, mother, grandmother, and as one of the few female Buddhist teachers, she is considered a spiritual mother by students all over the world. Through the eyes and special insight of…

Mahasangha Event

Member Group: Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism

Date: Sunday, June 3
Time: 11:15 am - 11:45 am
Event Type:

Tradition: Tibetan Buddhism
Teacher: H.E. Dagmo Kusho Sakya

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What's Happening

Snoqualmie Dharma Film Festival on June 9th

Duvall Visitor Center, June 9th, 1:00 to 9:30pm

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May 5th Gathering of Buddhist Teachers and Leaders

An NWDA-sponsored daylong meeting for Buddhist teachers and leaders from all traditions, hosted by the Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple.

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Practices That Help Chaplains Embody Compassion: A Story and a Survey

An invitation to participate in a survey of about how caregivers embody compassion.

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Group Members

Whidbey Island Sangha

We are a many teachered sangha, on South Whidbey Island. For 20 years, we have supported and practiced the teachings of Lama Tsultrim Allione and the retreat center Tara Mandala in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We have also invited Lama Wangdor Rinpoche from Tso Pema India, and his translator Lama Lena to teach here for many years. We are also students...

Tradition: Tibetan Buddhist || Location: Langley, WA

Dharmata of Seattle

Part of  the Nyingma tradition, we are an affiliate of the Dharmata Foundation located in Point Richmond, Ca. We meet once a month on a weekend day for meditation and fellowship, listening to a recent audio of Anam Thubten teaching the dharma.  Pacific NW retreats are offered every year. Please call for more information.

Tradition: Tibetan/Non-sectarian || Location: Seattle, WA

Vancouver Buddhist Center

The Triratna Buddhist Community (formerly the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO)) is an international fellowship of Buddhists, and others who aspire to its path of mindfulness, under the leadership of the Triratna Buddhist Order (formerly the Western Buddhist Order). It was founded by Sangharakshita in the UK in 1967. A distinctive feature of the Triratna Buddhist Order is that it...

Tradition: Triratna - Ecuyana || Location: Vancouver, BC

Downtown Lunch Hour Meditation

Pause and share silent meditation with others as a means to set the intention for your work week. Basic instruction is provided.

Tradition: Non-sectarian || Location: Seattle, WA

Natural Awareness

George Draffan has trained since the 1970s in the Tibetan and Theravada Buddhist traditions, and in body-based practices including taiji-qigong and Feldenkrais. In his teaching George emphasizes body-based awareness, stability (shamatha) and clarity (vipassana), and compassionate awareness of the habit-patterns that prevent us from being present and responsive. He encourages students to connect with their own situation and motivation. George offers workshops,...

Tradition: Non-sectarian || Location: Seattle area, WA


AiShinKai Fudō Myōō-Ji is both a Buddhist shrine and a martial arts organization devoted to “a life worth living.” Since 1990 we have engaged in Japanese martial and cultural arts order to discover what it means to be fully human: what is the full potential of our body, of our mind, and of our spirit? We study Rinzai, Shingon, and...

Tradition: Shingon/Rinzai || Location: Edmonds, WA

Salem Insight

Vipassana practice (guided and unguided sitting periods and a walking period) with tea and dharma discussion before and after the practice. We meet at Oregon School of Massage's Salem Campus (2111 Front St NE) on Monday evenings 7-9 PM, with tea 30 minutes before and after. The two founders are Theravadan practitioners, but the group is nondenominational. Beginners and experienced...

Tradition: Vipassana || Location: Salem, OR

Atammayatarama Buddhist Monastery

The Atammayatarama Buddhist Monastery (ABM) was launched January 18, 1998 by the Thai and American Buddhist community of Washington state. This Buddhist Temple was certified as a "not-for-profit" corporation of the State of Washington on 22 April 1998. We are a small humble Buddhist monastery tucked away in a serene corner of Woodinville among acres of wooded land. The monastery...

Tradition: Theravada || Location: Woodinville, WA

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