Northwest Buddhist Recovery


We are an organization that offers resources to anyone wishing to integrate their Buddhist path with their addiction recovery program. We represent Buddhists from any tradition and offer support to those in recovery from addictive behaviors from any treatment program. We currently sponsor (13) Buddhist Recovery groups in Seattle, (2) in Olympia and Tacoma, and (1) in Bellingham, as well as host a website of resources, meeting listings, articles about Buddhism and recovery and Buddhist recovery facilitator training materials. We are dedicated to bringing meditation skills and Buddhist teachings to those in recovery, through support groups, free events and the resource website. We hope to work with others in the Buddhist community to bring this resource to all in need.

Practice Schedule

There are Buddhist recovery meetings every day of the week. Each meeting is peer facilitated and all are in the Seattle area. All meetings can be found on our website with more information about each.


Buddhist Recovery








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