Northwest Dharma Association’s Website Revised

Written by: Timothy O'Brien

We hope you’ve had a chance recently to visit the Northwest Dharma Association website, to see how we’ve improved it to help members manage their own listings.

Member groups are now in charge of their own listings, which will make it much easier for members to quickly update or change those listings.

Once an initial listing is approved, a representative of a member group can use the group’s password to go in any time and make revisions. The same is true of events in the calendar.

So, if you represent a member group sangha, you might want to log on to see if everything’s up to date on your group’s listing.

Other improvements to the website are more visible. For instance, you’ll notice new displays for  the calendar of events and the member group listings.

Another important change is that now both the calendar and the directory of member groups are fully searchable.

The site is one of the three limbs of fulfilling NWDA’s mission of supporting Buddhist teachings, practice, and community in the Pacific Northwest. The three limbs are: providing resources, providing news, and creating events.

The website is at the core of this mission, providing listings of sanghas and other organizations throughout the region, as well as a calendar of the activities of these groups.

Thank you for making this work possible with your continued support.

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About the Author: Timothy O'Brien
Timothy O'Brien (Dh. Amara), is administrator of Northwest Dharma Association.