Using the Directory and the Calendar

Since you are here, you already know how to login and you have landed on your Group Member Profile, which shows up on the website. You can make any changes you need and they will automatically appear in your listing on the website, except for your group’s name. That is your user name. It can never be changed. If you change the name of your group, you will need to re-apply under that name. If you lose your password, the request to change will be sent to the email address on file with us.

As you can see, there are three tabs: Make A Payment, Your Event List, and Add An Event.

Your Event List is all calendar events you have listed in the calendar. If they have already been approved and published, you can make any changes to them from here and they will appear automatically.

Add An event is where you enter new events for the calendar. These have to be approved before being published. That might take up to a few days, so please try and enter well in advance of the date. Once approved, you can make changes yourself as outlined above.

Make A Payment is where you can make a payment for a Featured Event. A featured event runs across the slideshow on our homepage. The requested donation for this is $25. Please make the payment when the event is submitted. To make an event featured, you just have to check the “Featured” box in the list of  “Type of event” on the entry form. Events can be of more than one type.

And, as always, please email us with any questions at all.