This section serves as a reminder for admin and how to manage member group registration, edits, and calendar entries. Keep a few browser tabs of the website open, one being these instructions in the dashboard.

1. Situation 1: Member Group Registers
Someone signs up at You get an email saying someone has signed up to be registered. They are told their account will not go live until an admin approves. You go to, log in (during development, the login is hidden from the public, but after the launch, I think this login should be on the home page for ease.) In the dashboard, go to users > all users > admin approval. The unapproved registrant will be at the top of the list, and you may notice others who have not been approved. The far right column indicates this. I appologize that there is not something right on the main dashboard giving you a number of unapproved registrants. If I find a way to do this I will, but it is not a priority. You must approve this member group for the person to login. Hover over the username and approve or unapprove if it is spam. The user will get an email.

2. Situation 2: Member Group Edits their profile
Member Group logs in and edits their profile. Admins will get an email notifying them of the change. I am unable to get the change to be pending. So, the admin must check the edits, and has the option to un-approve if the edits are erroneous. Un-approval sends an email to the member group instructing them to correct their error or contact the admin.

3. Situation 3: Obvious spam
If someone who has attempted to register clearly is spamming, simply don’t respond and delete the user.

4. Situation 4: Questionable Registrant
Maybe this person thinks they can register, but is not aware that they need to pay for membership. This is going to require sending a personal email explaining the situation.