Your Member Group Account Manager

If your group is not currently a Member Group of the Northwest Dharma Association, please go back to the home page and click on “Register a New Home Group.”

This page allows you to update you Member Group information and to enter events into the calendar.

Your User Name is the name of the group as it appears in the Member Group Directory. Please check there to make sure you know how your group’s name appears there.

How to format your member group description and practice schedule:

If you need to format your text, carefully use the WYSIWYG editor as you would in any desktop publishing application (like Microsoft Word).

For a line break, use “shift + return”.
For a new paragraph, use “return”.

For a link to your site, choose the “chain link” icon. A popup will give you a field to enter the url to your website. Click the check box to set the link to open a new window.

For an email address, use “”