If you have to add an event for another Member Group, if you do nothing more, YOU will show up as the Member Group. To prevent this from happening, you can log in as the Member Group who is hosting the event, IF they are using the “default password”

If they are not using the default password, and you can’t obtain their password, you must go in the the Acorn Host database. Must have basic knowledge of databases to do this, otherwise have someone who knows how to do it. Here is how:

Go to the Acorn host website and log in
Then, log in to the SQL database (I am purposefully not telling you the passwords so that these don’t get grabbed).

1. In wp_users you can find your author_id and the correct member group author_id either by scrolling through or doing a search.
2. Go in to wp_posts and search for the event_title that has the wrong member group. You will see in the results that the author_id is you instead of the member group.
3. Hit the edit link and enter the actual member group’s author_id who is hosting the event that you got from looking up in wp_users. Hit “Go” and done.