NWDA Website Will be Easier to Use With Update

Written by: Timothy O’Brien

An improved NW Dharma website

The website is getting an overhaul, to make it more-user friendly for member groups and for visitors to the site.

The development of the site has been an intensive multi-year project, which has required substantial investments of time and money. We are very excited about the revised version.

Perhaps the most important changes is that Member Groups will be directly entering and upgrading their own information, including calendar items and group member listings. This new capability will be easier for members, and also for the association’s very limited volunteer and paid staff resources.

The upgrade will have several additional components:

  • Clearer instructions on how to go from one area of the site to another, and how to use those areas once there.
  • Search capabilities will be greatly enhanced.
  • Site speed will increase significantly

The Northwest Dharma Association web site is a key component of how we fulfill the mission of supporting Buddhist practice, teachings, and community in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, you are on the website as you read this, as it hosts the Northwest Dharma News.

If you haven’t already noticed, there is a link in the top right-hand corner to take you to the home page. There, as you probably know, is the way into the Member Group Directory, listing the sanghas, temples, and groups that make up Northwest Dharma Association; and also the calendar of events, listing special activities of those groups.

We are quite confident that it will be up and running before the next issue of the Northwest Dharma News. Keep your browser’s eyes open!

About the Author: Timothy O’Brien
Timothy O’Brien (Dh. Amara), is administrator of Northwest Dharma Association.