Send Contributions & Ideas for the NWDN

Written by: Steve Wilhelm

If I’ve learned anything from the last year as editor of Northwest Dharma News, it’s how vibrant and varied are the many activities of Buddhist practitioners in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s been terrific working with everyone, and I write here to encourage more of you to contribute.

Contributors have sent in pieces about inspiring constructions projects, about new centers, about fruitful teachings. People have shared unique perspectives, such as what it’s like to be a Buddhist police officer on the street of Portland, or in this issue, what it was like as a Buddhist to survive a brain aneurysm.

We’ve heard from Buddhist practitioners of all traditions, from the Western and Asian communities, and from all parts of the region, from British Columbia to Oregon to Montana.

And underlying it all is sharing the good work of Northwest Dharma Association, the unique organization of the region’s Buddhist groups and organizations that makes this newsletter possible.

As editor, I’d love to hear from any of you about any pieces you might like to contribute to Northwest Dharma News. What we can offer back is good karma, the fun and fellowship of doing it, and the knowledge that you’ll be helping to weave together the tapestry of the Buddhadharma in the great Pacific Northwest.

If you have an idea for something you’d like to contribute, or a tip for something we should run a piece about, please email me and we can talk.

In general we’re looking for content that is timely, local to the Northwest, and that will be interesting and beneficial for Northwest Dharma News readers. We generally don’t announce events in Northwest Dharma News, because those go in the NWDA “Regional Calendar,” on the website.

I look forward to hearing from you, with any tips, complaints, suggestions or ideas. And I hope all of you are well in heart, and thriving on your journeys.

Be well,
Steve Wilhelm
Editor, Northwest Dharma News

About the Author: Steve Wilhelm
Steve Wilhelm is editor of Northwest Dharma News, and a former board president of Northwest Dharma Association. He practices with Seattle Insight Meditation Society and other groups, and contributes as a board member of Tibetan Nuns Project.