11th Global Buddhism Conference in Berkeley June 29-30

Northwest Dharma Association is partnering with the 11th Global Buddhism Conference to present:

After Mindfulness Urban Retreat  at UC Berkeley – June 29-30, 2019

Mindfulness has become so popular, it’s now become a personal lifestyle brand. On June 29-30, Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike from around the Bay Area and the World will join together in Berkeley to ask the question “What’s After Mindfulness?” This two-day urban retreat explores potential answers through a unique mix of talks from a diverse group of world-renowned teachers, meditation, yoga, and a community festival of sharing where you can put new insights into practice. Together, we hope to begin to move beyond mindfulness to cultivate wisdom and compassion and truly connect with the world in which we live. Learn more at Aftermindfulness.org

NWDA is offering a Promo code granting 10% off the registration fee: NDAGCB

In addition to the above offer, there a very small number of complementary passes to the event. These are reserved for monastics or individuals who are very active in the wider Buddhist community in the Pacific Northwest and have partnered with the NWDA in the past. Please contact Tim Tapping for further details and availability.

General Admission includes:

  • Festival of Sharing where over 30 organizations come together to co-create this non-commercial event and offer an experience of generosity
  • 8 panel discussions in Zellerbach, US Debut Concert by Imee Ooi, Sound of Metta
  • 10 Guided Meditation, diverse forms and techniques
  • 10 Yoga/Movement Classes
  • Children’s Festival where Youths 18 and under come for free to outdoor Festival Activities.
  • Gift of The Heartfulness Way: Heart-Based Meditations for Spiritual Transformation, by Kamlesh D. PatelJoshua Pollock

Hosted by Fung Institute of Engineering Leadership
Organized by aftermindfulness.org

Presented by the 11th Global Conference on Buddhism.

Event Overview

June 29-30, hundreds from around the Bay Area and the World will join together in Berkeley for an urban retreat to ask “What’s After Mindfulness?” The Retreat will offer various tracks throughout the weekend filled with guided meditation, movement/yoga classes, panel discussions, small circle of sharing, dharma talks, live music, demonstrations, 2 movie screenings, and a closing concert by Imee Ooi.Local restaurants will offer vegetarian street food tents on site for a fully immersive gathering of activities.

Learn from great teachers

We’ll explore potential answers to “What’s After Mindfulness” through a mix of talks from world-renowned teachers, meditation, yoga, and a community of festival partners putting the Buddha’s teaching into daily practice. Together, we hope to begin to move beyond mindfulness to cultivate wisdom and compassion and truly connect with the world in which we live. Learn various forms of meditation techniques and practices from diverse traditions and cultures embracing the core teachings of this ancient wisdom. Come meet masters and teachers from Theravada, Zen, Mahayana, Vajrayana, Tibeten, Jodo Shinshu, Heartnfulness, and Insight Meditation.

3 Venues

Enjoy community, festivities and spaciousness in 3 campus venues anchored by the world renown (1) Zellerbach Concert Hall; (2) Lower Sproul Plaza for the festival, Children’s Village, Dance; (3) MLK Student Union for Meditation, Yoga and Art Auction.

Topics include:

  • Mindfulness Bliss and Beyond (Ajahn Brahm)
  • Deepening and Enriching Our Practices (Rev. Heng Sure)
  • Change Yourself, Change the World (Nipun Metha)
  • Mutual Healing through Self Transformation (Drukmo Gyal)
  • A New Paradigm: The Buddha’s Teachings on Environment (Ayya Tathaaloka)
  • Compassionate Connections: Loving Kindness across Cultures (Karma Lekshe Tsomo)

Turn insights into practice

Between talks, there will be an outdoor festival where attendees and event partners can let go of transactional exchanges and practice giving and receiving with the simple goal of connecting and sensing their own experience. It’s a festival of sharing. There will be gifts of art, books, healing, inspiration, and discussions. Conference attendees, community partners, and Sanghas from around the World are invited to share their work, stories, projects, books, and arts.

Embrace loving kindness through music

To close out the event, Imee Ooi and JSJG will premier their new, mesmerizing “Sound of Metta” performance in the US exclusively for After Mindfulness attendees. ​This special private concert is open to all registered After Mindfulness attendees. You will not need a separate ticket to attend.

Daily Program

  • 5 Guided Meditation Sessions, 5 Yoga Sessions
  • Morning Talks (Talks, Stories, Panel Discussions)
  • Festival of Sharing (Interact, Engage more deeply, or Experience Joy when giving)
  • Afternoon Talks (Talks, Panel Discussion and Closing statement for the day)
  • Open Time (Group hikes, group yoga, affinity group gatherings, meet and greet dinners)

A 100% non-commercial event

Thanks to the generosity of an unsolicited grant, all event proceeds will be donated to nonprofit organizations helping answer the question “What’s after mindfulness?” including:

  • Supporting monastic women in Buddhism @ Dhammadharini Support Foundation
  • Innovation in alternate forms of capital @ ServiceSpace
  • Awakening Wisdom in Community @ Dharma College
  • Bridging cultures @ Berkeley Buddhist Monastery

Also, as an alternative to traditional registration, you can now purchase a $0 unTicket through alternative forms of wealth, including kindness, creativity, community, and silence. Visit https://www.aftermindfulness.org/untickets for more information.