Will 2017 be the End or a Beginning for NWDA?

Written by: Tim Tapping

Hello everyone, I would like to announce:

 “Celebrating the Sangha” with Northwest Dharma Association

at Nalanda West, 3902 Woodland Park Ave N, Seattle

November 11, 2017, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Will it be renewal or a wake in the best tradition of New Orleans?

Over the last six months you have read entreaties, from myself and from Executive Director George Draffan, asking people to participate in the Northwest Dharma Association. We find no “takers.”

Here are the cards on the table:

  • Four people operate NWDA and Northwest Dharma News
  • All are in their late 60s, male and white
  • All have been involved in NWDA for seven to 20 years
  • All wish to transition the organization to a younger, more diverse group
  • All would like to continue to volunteer for NWDA
  • On our current financial trajectory, we are out of funds at the end of 2017

We continue to wholeheartedly believe in the mission:

  • Foster a network of friendship and support among Buddhist groups and individual Buddhists from all traditions.
  • Promote communication among Buddhists and with the larger community.
  • Sponsor activities of interest and benefit to Northwest Buddhists.

As Buddhists, we all are well aware of impermanence. In the age of social media, are the website and news anachronistic?

The coming months will tell. People will step forward or they won’t. Financial support will appear or it won’t.

If you want to join the Mahasangha Mala, the group of people who are contributing $108 yearly to keep Northwest Dharma Association giving, please click here. Currently 50 people have been making regular donations at this  level, and thank you. We need another 150 Mahasangha Mala donors to make the books balance.

In the end

should my love be wasted

like Sashimo grass

it shall continue as fireflies

burning over the fields…

 Ōtagaki Rengetsu

Zen nun


About the Author: Tim Tapping
Tim Tapping practices with Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism in Seattle, and is president of Northwest Dharma Association. He works as a software engineer at Expedia travel in Bellevue, Washington, and leads a meditation group there. He lives in Sammamish, Washington, with his wife and daughter. His son is a chef in Long Beach, Washington.