Portland Shambhala is hiring an Office Manager

Shambhala Meditation Center of Portland is hiring an Office Manager


  • Non-Exempt Hourly Position 
  • One year appointment, may be renewable 

HOURS: 16-18 hrs/wk: regular office hours will be set according to Office Manager preference with agreement from Co-Directors with option of majority flexible hours and working from home; Additional hours may be required to support special events, such as Shambhala Day and Harvest of Peace 

PAY RATE: $15.50 per hour 

SUPERVISOR: Center Co-Directors   


  • Unlimited program credit at the Shambhala Meditation Center of Portland.

Overall Responsibilities

  • First-line of communication and interface with the public, the Shambhala community and other organizations. 
  • Report to Center Co-Directors and work closely with them on projects, as well as supporting council and other departments as appropriate
  • General office duties and oversight
  • Oversees program registration system, the Shambhala Database (SDB), and serves as liaison/support for registration volunteers (program staff & coordinator).

General Tasks List


  • Respond to, update and generate voicemail, email, written and posted communications in general with the public and community, working with the Communications Team volunteers, or others as needed
  • Answer phone calls and emails
  • Ensure confidentiality of all communications as needed or required
  • Work with volunteer coordinator to publicize volunteer positions in various formats, paper and electronic
  • Send email communications using the Shambhala database and Mailchimp
  • Assist with posting to, updating and maintaining the center’s WordPress website and blog and webpages as needed
  • Create, maintain and update center forms and informational materials as needed, e.g. membership brochure, feedback forms, etc; using various formats e.g. print, email, newsletter, blog, Facebook, website, bulletin boards, announcements etc

Office Administration

  • Oversee office & center supply inventory and ordering; ensure sufficient supply for upcoming events & programs
  • Support Center Directors with initiatives, special projects, etc., as needed
  • Notify appropriate parties as needed re: communications from the landlord or other parties about the building, including repairs or building emergencies; and general upkeep/cleaning needs
  • Hold, with other key parties, Master passwords and access to key areas of communications
  • Maintain all file systems, paper and electronic

Media & Publicity

  • Develop flyers and social media to publicize programs, events etc., working with the Communications Team volunteers, or others as needed
  • Make sure bulletin boards and program flyers are up to date and well-stocked
  • Work with Communications Team and others to make sure newsletters are up to date and  sent to the community in a timely manner


  • Accept registrations, update registrant information
  • Process payments made online, in person, or by mail
  • Update SDB program pages with staff information
  • Create event registration sheet
  • Convert registrants to participants on the program page in the SDB
  • Post actual enrollments to Center budget
  • Communicate refund requests to the Finance Director
  • Track and apply Program Credits
  • Provide support/information to registration volunteers (program staff)

Generate Program reports

  • Attend ongoing, regular supervisory and planning meetings with the Center Directors and others, as needed
  • Schedule and attend weekly Operations Meetings with Co-directors via Zoom video conferencing
  • Maintain meeting agendas and track follow-up items

How to apply