Faith and Values: How can I live a good life with mental illness?

by Venerable Tenzin Tsepal

Spokesman-Review, March 4, 2018 

There are a wide variety of mental illnesses, each with their unique causes, symptoms and treatments. Having a mental illness shouldn’t prevent you from living a good life. Buddha’s teachings include a vast array of methods for working with our minds. However, if your mental illness – like any illness – is not treated by appropriate mental health professionals, it may be challenging to apply these techniques.

Human beings are basically the same – we all want happiness and not suffering. We are alike in wanting to live a good life, and have the capacity to make steps towards living a good life.

Assuming that our basic needs for survival are met – food, clothing, shelter – the happiness we experience is more dependent on what’s happening in our minds than on external conditions or circumstances we encounter. 

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