Compassion Cultivation Trainings

Diane Hetrick offers two Compassion Cultivation Trainings in Seattle. 

Compassion Cultivation Training eight week class series starts Tuesday, March 13th, from 1:30-3:30pm in the Ballard/Fremont neighborhood.  The early bird registration deadline is Feb 20th, and regular registration will continue to be open after that.  For those who feel cost is a challenge, please contact me directly regarding a scholarship. Also, email me to register;
Diane will also be co-leading a one day workshop on Saturday April 14th: The Power of Mindful Resilience: Cultivating Compassion for Life,with my friend and colleague from Vancouver, BC, Magda Spzala.  This is a wonderful and rare one day opportunity to dive into the compassion and resilience curriculum in a format that affords lots of opportunities for practice and reflection. This workshop is sponsored by the Center for Child and Family Well Being at UW, and will be held near the UW campus. Please click on this link for more information and registration for this workshop:
Thank you so much for your interest in compassion and resilience.