Compassionate Leadership Summit

Northwest Dharma Association is proud to be a community partner of the Compassionate Leadership Summit on November 8-9, 2019 at the University of Washington in Seattle. Presenters at the event include NWDA members and supporters including Kilung Rinpoche, Joel and Michelle Levey, and Sharon Suh.

Note: You’ll receive a 25% discount on tickets if you use the promo code NWDA25 when you register. 

The Compassionate Leadership Summit is an event focused on how we might bring compassion and mindfulness more effectively into our organizations and communities. The gathering will feature leaders from various sectors, including corporations, non-profits, government, education, and communities of faith.

Who should attend?
The summit is designed for members and leaders in our community who are committed to developing cultures of compassion, consciousness, and civility in their workplaces and the contexts where they have influence.

By bringing together both those already engaged in this work, and those who want to learn how to begin, the summit will provide attendees with three takeaways:
1) Practical tools and best practices to implement in their workplaces and personal lives;
2) Exposure to methods, approaches, and experts to pursue post-summit;
3) Connections with other learners for collaborative and supportive working relationships.

Compassion is a vital component to healthy and sustainable workplaces and communities. The vision that drives the summit is a world in which awareness, justice, inclusivity, and compassion guide our actions as a society, and emerge as norms of human behavior.

Learn more at Compassionate Leadership Summit.