The Road To Freedom

Book Launch!

The Road To Freedom, by Jonathan Prescott, is now available

This invaluable book helps you transform driving into a practice of joy and kindness. You’ll learn to:

* Recognize and replace triggers for road rage, impatience, and judgment
* Relax and enjoy whatever road you’re on
* See other drivers with compassion and kindness
* Make any route a scenic route

With its time-proven strategies and simple exercises, The Road To Freedom is a map that shows you the way out of suffering and back to joy and kindness.

Comments from recent reviewers:

“This book is such an easy and interesting read, yet chock full of wisdom and life lessons. It will inspire all who read it—from the novice wishing to expand his or her heart to the veteran Buddhist practitioner. Wow, what a find!!”

“Each chapter ends with exercises to practice while driving. I found these practices very valuable! I believe this would be an excellent book for teenagers newly behind the wheel. Better yet, they could share it with their parents and veteran driver friends.”

Learn more at the Wise Caregiving website.

Jonathan Prescott is the founder of Wise Caregiving, a non-profit dedicated to helping people become compassionate caregivers. Jonathan’s career as a hospice, cancer-care, and hospital Chaplain, along with his spiritual practice as an ordained student of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, gives him a unique perspective on how to thrive within the helping professions. His trainings help people learn the arts of listening, balance, boundaries, and presence as therapeutic tools.