Festival Sundiata | Buddhism – Diversity & Liberation

Festival Sundiata | Buddhism – Diversity & Liberation

June 16-17, 2018

Hosted by Seiho Morris

Seattle Center Armory, Studio C, 4th Floor 
305 Harrison Seattle, WA 981


The Path to HeRE | 1PM – 1:50PM

Opening Prayer & Metta Meditation

Who are you and what’s it like to be you?

The Buddha was Brown | 2PM – 2:50PM
Embodying the Body Meditation instruction and Practice

Turning into the skid of racism rather than away 
Living in the footsteps of our Ancestors. Discussion on the pressure, weight and stress of being a POC in American culture.

The Myth of Social Justice | 3PM – 3:50PM 
Equanimity Meditation instruction and Practice

The inward practice with outward relatedness and support. 
Dialog: Using the Eightfold Path and cultivating inward
stability to navigate the wilderness of racism.

Sincere Concentration
Sincere Mindfulness 
Sincere Effort (Ethics and Values)
Sincere Livelihood 
Sincere Intention 
Sincere Action
Sincere Speech 
Sincere Understanding

The Man-made CRISIS of Racism | 4PM – 4:50PM
Panel discussion 
Closing Prayer and Meditation


Open discussion | 1PM – 1:50PM
Opening Prayer & Being the Breath (Shikantaza) Meditation

Spirituality – Working with Racism – Participant generated Q&A

Centering Meditation

Dialog: Dukkha (The potters wheel that’s out of harmony)… What can we do to personally de-colonize whiteness physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

Buddhism and healing trauma | 3PM – 3:50PM 
Fore-giveness Meditation instruction and Practice

Dialog: Discussion on the Eightfold path of Buddhism and exploring healing, stress, big and little ’T,’ trauma influenced and caused through the culture of whiteness and racism.

I HAVE A DREAM – AHIMSA (Do No Harm) | 4PM – 4:50PM

Intention setting, healing circle meditation and closing prayer…

***Who Should Attend: No one is will be turned away based on ethic or cultural identity, gender orientation, age or economic status. We are strong together than apart.

***Is Pre-registration or Registration Required: No

***Location: 305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109

***Cost: Free but a dana (donation) basket will be available but it’s optional and not expected.