Opportunity to support prison mindfulness

Volunteer Opportunity:

Seeking to expand meditation classes at King County Community Center for Alternative Programs (CCAP).  CCAP is a jail diversion program and an experiment in restorative/transformative justice by King County. As is typical with criminal justice system, the clients are disproportionately individuals of color – mainly men, but some women. It’s been a privilege to volunteer there over the years and to learn how to be an effective change agent for good in the community. 

Course format utilizes information offered in Prison Mindfulness Institute’s “Path of Freedom”  6 week online course for facilitators. Ideal candidate will have either taken this course, or have some background working in a criminal justice setting, some degree of anti-racism training, backed by a solid daily meditation practice.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining me as a co-facilitator in this work, I’d love to share more information about this opportunity. The commitment at this point would be once a week for approximately 6 weeks, then 6 weeks off (while the other team leads a class). CCAP is located at 5th and Yesler downtown, and the class runs from 2 to 250pm on Tuesdays. I look forward to speaking with you.

Contact Jordan Van Voast.