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Summer 2014, Volume 27, #2

Stepping out of the Silent Practice Box: Insight Meditation for Parents and Children

The children and their parents gather for a picnic in a Vancouver, B.C., park

The insight meditation community in Vancouver, British Columbia, has begun to offer meditation sessions intended to meet the needs of entire families, including children. With support of the British Columbia Insight Meditation Society, since January we have met monthly to…

Dalai Lama to Confer Empowerment, Teach Lojong During Oct. 21-23 Visit to Vancouver, B.C.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama greeting people during his 2009 trip to Vancouver

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will visit Vancouver, British Columbia, Oct. 21-23, for public teachings and other events associated with two Vancouver-area education non-profits. On the morning of Oct. 23, His Holiness will confer an empowerment of Avalokiteshvara, the Tibetan…

Thai Forest Monks and Tibetan Nuns Together Restore Forest at Old Gold Mine Hermitage

Monks, nuns, and dharma friends on a windy hill near the Old Gold Mine Hermitage

This spring the Old Gold Mine Hermitage, near rural Republic, Washington, was the site of what for the locals must have seemed an unlikely work party. For five days Buddhist monks and nuns joined lay practitioners to help restore a…

The Siskiyou Householder Refuge A Dharma Rain Cohousing Initiative

Betty Huang and Jeff Stooky staff a Siskiyou outreach table on Earth Day

Members of Portland’s Dharma Rain Zen Center are creating a cohousing community of 32 units on their newly purchased temple land, to be a place of refuge and practice. Site preparations for the Siskiyou Householder Refuge are to start this…

Featured Events

24-Hour Interfaith Chant for Peace

Chant-for-peace-composite-N As the world continues to struggle with great changes to our society, environment, and economy, finding the place within ourselves that is always at peace is crucial. Chanting is one way to direct our bodies, hearts, and minds with our highest spiritual aspirations and touch the compassion of our hearts.

During the 24-Hour Interfaith Chant for Peace we come together to appreciate more...

Songs of the Mahasiddhas

Rinpoche KC pic Join the Venerable Younge Khachab Rinpoche as he returns to Seattle with teachings on the Songs of the Mahasiddhas. The Mahasiddhas were a diverse group of practitioners who were practical, committed, creative and engaged with their world. They shared their awakening through songs of realization and instruction. Khachab Rinpoche will give an explanation of these instructions so that we can fo more...

A Weekend with Venerable Dr. Pannavati

Pannavati The weekend with Venerable Dr. Pannavati will explore the fundamentals of the Buddhist path, starting Friday evening with To Study Buddhism is to Study Oneself, and continuing with two sessions on Saturday, Stepping into Freedom and Purifying the Mind. For more info and to pre-register, please visit our website. more...

1st Annual Potluck Social Gathering

businesscardv2 copy Bring your family and friends & a side dish to share
For our day of fun in the sun with our
“friends on the path”
Play, swim, eat & meet friends from meetings,
Facilitators and others interested in buddhism & recovery
Veggie burger bar and beverages provided
Bring outdoor toys, guitars, drums, your inner child more...

Longchen Nyingthig Phowa

Amitabha Buddha Phowa or 'transference of consciousness at the time of death' is the simplest and most direct method to attain enlightenment. Phowa can be said for self at the time of death or for others at their time. Consciousness will be directly transferred to Amitabha Buddha's Pure Land or to an auspicious rebirth. During the retreat, participants will receive transmission and instructions for the Ph more...

Queer Dharma Weekend Retreat: The Union of Masculine and Feminine with Craig Smith

email-header Explore how these two energies have little to do with gender - but refer to deeply embedded energies in each of us, which converge in the enlightened state and can be developed through mind training. All are warmly welcome regardless of experience, spiritual tradition, age, gender or sexual identity.

This retreat will be highly experiential, not based solely on lecture. The highlig more...

Visiting Teacher Khenpo Samdup

Drikung "Buddha Nature and Introduction to Vajrayana"

Khenpo Samdup is the resident teacher at Gar Drolma in Dayton, Ohio. He's designed a wonderful weekend program suitable for beginning students or advanced practitioners. Your participation is welcome in all or part of the teachings. Khenpo will teach in English.

Full program details are available on our website. Registrat more...


Calendar of Events

Sharing the Dharma Day at Sravasti Abbey
11-02-2014 10:00 a.m. Newport, WA

One Sunday a month, Sravasti Abbey opens our doors for Sharing
the Dharma Day, an opportunity for newcomers and old friends to explore the Buddha’s
teachings and share in community fellowship.

People from…


Songs of the Mahasiddhas
08-02-2014 10am Seattle, WA
Rinpoche KC pic

Join the Venerable Younge Khachab Rinpoche as he returns to
Seattle with teachings on the Songs of the Mahasiddhas. The Mahasiddhas were a
diverse group of practitioners who were practical, committed, creative and engaged



Member Groups

BodhiHeart Sangha
Tibetan Seattle, WA

Bodhiheart Sangha is led by two resident teachers who have recently
returned to the States after years of study and practice in Asia. They are both
students of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and are trained in both the Tibetan and…


Chagdud Gonpa Amrita
Tibetan Edmonds, WA
Chagdud Gonpa Amrita

Chagdud Gonpa Amrita is the Seattle branch of
Chagdud Gonpa Foundation. Since 1983, it has provided a place for beginning
students and long-time practitioners to gather for teachings and practice in the
Nyingma lineage of Tibe…


Drikung Seattle
Tibetan Seattle, WA

Drikung Seattle was founded by H.E. Garchen Rinpoche in 2012. Drikung Seattle is a Dharma center in the Drikung Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.


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