Touching Earth Sangha


Touching Earth Sangha is a spiritual practice community dedicated to awakening the clarity, joyfulness, and compassion that is our full potential as human beings.  We understand that such an awakening is fundamentally nurtured by a responsible and caring way of life in harmony with all living creatures and with our life-giving natural world.  And such a non-harming and compassionate way of living is also the most essential fruit of the spiritual path.

As our current society‚Äôs habits and behaviors are often dangerously far from alignment with such a path, we recognize that a genuine and relevant spiritual practice must include the courage to let go of those cultural habits that we come to see as unwholesome, and to exemplify a new and healthy way to live together lightly and peacefully on our planet.  Guided by a brave and creative ethical vision, we can bring alive the truly revolutionary potential of spiritual life.

Practice Schedule

We meet every Sunday at 3pm at Kailash Ecovillage (4311 SE 37th Ave, Portland, OR) for sitting, qigong, dharma discussion, and dinner.  We are expecting to relocate to our own residential facility in the near future, where we will have a daily schedule and regular retreats and workshops.




Satya Vayu




6608 Southeast 81st Avenue Portland Oregon 97206 United States.