Sorig Institute


The Sorig Institute is dedicated to teaching Sorig Rigpa – the Science of Healing – and the related Vajrayana practices.  The curriculum of traditional Tibetan medicine follows that taught for centuries in Tibet based on the Four Tantras.

The spiritual practices follow the Yuthok Nyingthik and related practices.  These practices were handed down by Yuthok Yonten Gompo and have a number of wonderful characteristics.  These practices are a full cycle of Vajrayana practices from ngondro to mahamudra and dzogchen practices.  Further, they are intended for householders and those who have little time for practice.  In the West they are one of the very few lineages that householders are given teachings from the more advanced practices including the six yogas and karmamudra practices.

Practice Schedule

Dr. Nida travels to Portland, Seattle, and the Bay area once a year to teach both Tibetan medicine and Yuthok spiritual practices.  Locally there are groups that mainly gather to practice ngondro, tsoks and accumulate healing mantra practices.




Dr. Nida Chenagtsang



(206) 200-9075



1910 North 39th Street Seattle Washington 98103 United States.