Seattle Pragmatic Dharma Society


The Seattle Pragmatic [Underground] Dharma Society (SPUDS) is a group of friends in Seattle who meet weekly to discuss meditation.  The word ‘underground’ in the name is used in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, both mocking the group’s unstructured nature and helping round out the acronym.  SPUDS started unofficially in early 2016 when a few individuals who connected through online meditation forums gathered in person in a local coffee shop to discuss meditation techniques, maps & results.  The point of the group was to provide a complement to some of the features of other local sanghas that were already available in the area.  These complementary elements included self-reliance in practice, a belief that awakening is possible for householders & a sense of conviction that good practice leads to good results.  Many members of SPUDS have found that local sanghas they have attended do not primarily focus on these elements.  Out of this shared experience, there evolved a sense of camaraderie, mutual support and co-adventuring that continues to this day.

Practice Schedule

SPUDS meets every Friday afternoon in a local coffee shop or restaurant from around 6pm to 9pm (give or take).  The best way to get the latest information on meeting times & locations is by emailing  In addition, members of SPUDS occasionally meet up to do half day or day long sits at a member’s house.  SPUDS has also hosted several meditation teachers who have taught retreats ranging from 2 to 7 days.

SPUDS meetings can vary greatly in group size, ranging from 3 to 15 attendees, with the average being around 7.  In general, the meetings last around 2 hours, with no official start & end time.  The meetings are coordinated through a private group chat on the Discord chat app.  New attendees of SPUDS who attend at least 3 meetings & are a good fit for the group are invited to join the chat.


Pragmatic Dharma


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Seattle Washington United States.