Seattle Koan Discussion Group


We are two groups of Buddhist meditators interested in Zen Koan practice. We are following the teachings of John Tarrant that are much more open, informal and inclusive than the traditional Japanese monastic style of Zen. “We have an openly collaborative culture; we develop our understanding of Zen by practicing our spiritual methods and sharing our experience. It is a two way process-how koans open our lives and, in the other direction, what our lives teach us about what is effective about koan work. When you keep company with a koan, your discoveries give us examples of how the koan can transform us.” John Tarrant, October 2009, Santa Rosa, CA.

There are two ongoing groups in Seattle, and a third group forming in Renton. Each group has two co-facilitators.  The Tuesday group facilitators are Lance Sobel and Any Darling.  The Wednesday group facilitators are Kay Elmer , and Dan Morris .

The third group facilitators are Karma Forbes, and Don Baumer.


Practice Schedule

Both the Tuesday and Wednesday groups meet every other week at 7:00 pm. The Wednesday group meet at the home Dan Morris, 8340 24th Ave NW, Seattle, 98117 in Ballard.  The new Renton group will be meeting daytime on weekends.

We meditate with a new koan every meeting, and then discuss our
experiences. Anyone with a genuine interest in koans and some meditation experience is welcome to contact us about joining.




John Tarrant Roshi






8340 24th Avenue Northwest Seattle Washington 98117 United States.