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Welcome to the Pine Street Sangha: Befriending Meditation, Exploring Experience, Integrating Insight

We meditate in a gentle and accepting way, allowing whatever occurs in our inner worlds to unfold naturally. At the conclusion of meditation, we reflect upon and consider what happened during meditation through journaling and exploring our experience with a teacher.  Over time, we learn more about the inner conditions and habitual patterns of thought and feeling that shape our lives. We grow to understand which conditions shape difficult inner states and those that shape beneficial ones. By letting our meditation into our lives, our meditation enters and impacts our lives in subtle and profound ways. By recalling what happens in meditative experiences we develop awareness and discover our own understanding of the dharma, the teachings of Early Buddhism.

This individualized approach is best taught in small groups. We also offer daylong workshops, non-residential retreats and longer-term committed groups and Continuing Education workshops that support Mental Health Professionals to develop a meditation approach to sustain them in their work. These workshops focus on ethics and are designed to fulfill the ethics requirement.

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