No-Rank Zendo


A Rinzai Zen meditation and practice group meeting in SE Portland. We practice simple and direct Zen with an emphasis on settling gracefully into form and tradition with the encouragement that each participant develop the confidence to be the master of their own practice. The group is facilitated by Rinzan Pechovnik Osho and is affiliated with Dai Bai Zan Cho Bo Zen Ji in Seattle run by Genjo Marinello Osho.

Practice Schedule

Wednesday and Sunday evenings

6:00 PM First Sunday and Third Wednesday of each month. Introduction to Meditation and Zen practice

7:00 PM Meditaiton Service with two periods of zazen, kinhin, Dharma talk, sharing circle, or individual practice consultation.


Rinzai Zen


Rinzan Pechovnik Osho




1404 Southeast 25th Avenue Portland Oregon 97214 United States.