Methow Zen Group


The Methow Zen group is a satellite of the Zen Center of Las Vegas, which is in the Kwan Um School of Zen.  KUSZ is an international organization of Zen centers and groups founded under the direction of the Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn.  KUSZ has more than a hundred centers and groups and over 40 authorized Zen masters (Soen Sa’s) and Dharma masters (Ji Do Poep Sa’s) who teach in more than 12 languages. Kwan Um Zen centers provide scheduled meditation practice sessions, public talks and retreats that are open to all who wish to practice Zen. The School also provides Dharma Teacher training for lay practitioners, and residential training and monastic training at designated centers. There are three main administrative regions within the organization: the AmericasEurope, and Asia.

Practice Schedule

Thursday evenings, 7:30.  Chanting, meditation, dharma talks.


Korean Zen, Kwan Um School of Zen


Zen Master Ji Haeng - guiding teacher, Zen Center of Las Vegas






Winthrop Washington 98862 United States.