Back To True Nature


Back to true nature is an important programs to all human beings. Back to true nature program is help us to know how to present our true nature in our daily life, it help us to discover the real richness life. To free from the worry, sad and anxiety. Discover our real richness life start from here. We provide a great environment for small group / family or individual to practice “back to true nature” program.

Seat is limited, reservation by email or phone call is required. IBC TV Foundation is 501c non-profit organization in Washington State since 1997. All our programs are for free, your volunteer support and generous donation is help IBC TV Foundation program continue serve the world become enlightenment.

Practice Schedule

Tuesday – 1pm to 2pm
Thursday – 1pm to 2 pm
Saturday – 1pm t0 4:00pm

Meditation – practice
Back to true nature – instruction
Zen Life – practice
Q & A


Zen life


Frances Goldman




1235 134th Avenue Northeast Bellevue Washington 98005 United States.