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The mission of NWDA is to support Buddhist teachings, practice, and community. NWDA does that with its quarterly Northwest Dharma News, with its online directory and calendar, and through events that raise our awareness and our capacity.We have three programs that are bringing Buddhist views and skills to current spiritual and social challenges.

Contemplative Caregiving

Our goal is to train family and professional caregivers in the art of contemplative care – care that recognizes and responds to the needs of both patient and caregiver.  

For professional caregivers, training helps reduce burnout and turnover and gives nurses, doctors, care aides, social workers, chaplains, and others the emotional resilience needed to prevent burnout and turnover.  

For family caregivers, training helps balance the stressors of caregiving by providing strategies for self-care, emotional balance, empathy, compassion, and effective, sustainable caregiving.

Training helps caregivers gain the self-awareness that allows them to respond appropriately to their patients as well as themselves. We help caregivers deepen skills and reduce stress through supportive peer community networks.

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Inclusive Communities

Bringing together Buddhists from every tradition and culture, ancient and modern.

 Deep learning and heartwarming conversation —

  • What’s your experience as someone born a Buddhist?
  • What’s your experience as a Buddhist immigrant?
  • What’s your experience as a convert Buddhist in a largely Christian culture?
  • Have you experienced prejudice because of your Buddhist faith?
  • How do you experience the relationship between traditional and modern Buddhism?
  • What are the challenges (and opportunities) of having many Buddhist traditions side by side?
  • What would you like to learn about other Buddhist groups or cultures? What would you like to share?

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Buddhist-based Recovery

Addiction and recovery play a central role in the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths.

Help us bring leaders of the Buddhist Recovery movement together!

The Buddhist Recovery Summit 2017 residential conference will take place October 20-22, 2017 in Lacey Washington, organized by the Northwest Dharma Association and co-sponsored by the Buddhist Recovery Network, Northwest Buddhist Recovery, Eight Step Recovery, and other organizations.

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