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Summer 2019, Volume 32, #1

NW Dharma News

From the Board: Turning Vision into Next Steps!

NWDA community meeting hosted by the Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple, February 6, 2019. From left: Riaz Khan, Washin, Imanaka Taijo Sensei, Sharyn Skeeter, George Draffan, John Guy, Susan Greenfield, Lama Rangdrol, Timothy O’Brien

Over the past several months, the Northwest Dharma Association team has been convening a series of community roundtables. We met with a wonderful cross-section of people and heard about what matters most to them. We’re pleased to report a growing sense of collaboration and mutual support, among many different Buddhist and Buddhist-inspired communities. These include practitioners and teachers bringing mindfulness…

Dharma Education

Strengthening Diversity and Inclusion on the Path

People attending the 2017 Awakening to Whiteness class, held at the Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple in Portland

Reflecting growing awareness of the need for the diversity and inclusion in the dharma, a friend and I developed a series of workshops called “Power, Privilege & Difference: How Buddhist Practice is the Work of Social Restoration.” Most recently in April I led one of these workshops at the Portland Shambhala Center, and Through July, August and September I will…

Compassionate Action

GenX Buddhist Teachers Gather at Great Vow,Find Comradeship and Support in their Variety

The Panel on Integrity and Enlightenment reflected the gathering’s diversity, including Grace Song, Brother Phap Hai, Roshi Chozen Bays, Lama Willa Miller and Singhashri Gazmuri

On an unusually hot day for the Pacific Northwest, some 40 Buddhist teachers converged on Clatskanie, Oregon, to attend the 2019 GenX Buddhist Teachers’ Sangha Gathering (GBTS). The June 12-to-16 gathering of GenX Buddhist leaders from North America and beyond was hosted by Great Vow Zen Monastery. In the rare company of other dharma teachers, of similar age and experience,…

Dharma Healing, Arts

Buddhist Contemplative Gallery Coming Soon With Seattle Asian Art Museum Renovation

A 12th century Japanese Buddha statue, made of wood with gold lacquer, will face the entry. It was a gift of the Monsen family

A distinctive new feature of the renovated Seattle Asian Art Museum will be a small gallery designed to invite Buddhist contemplation and meditation. The gallery, set off from the main visitor pathway, will exhibit only four Buddhist works of art, one on each wall, to allow for more empty space than the other galleries. The sparse art installation in the…

Sangha News

Consecration of Phagtsok Gendun Choling TempleBrings Essence of Tibetan Tradition to Northwest

Dza Kilung Rinpoche presiding over the consecration of the temple

Tibetan Buddhists came from around the world for the May 30 to June 3 consecration of the new Phagtsok Gendun Choling Temple on Whidbey Island, Washington. Supporters of Tibetan Lama Kilung Rinpoche funded construction of the wooden 5,000-square-foot temple, to support his teaching program in the West. Whidbey Island is in the Salish Sea, part of which is called Puget…

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What's Happening

Tibetan Herbal Medicine Talk and Consultation

Introductory Talk in Lacey WA on February 13. Consultations by appointment in Olympia on February 14-16.

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Holiday Sale of Tibetan Handicrafts and Baked Treats

Authentic Tibetan clothing, prayer flags, handicrafts, jewelry, art, and more Saturday, December 1, 2019  11:00 am – 4:00 pm at Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism. Come see the cultural hall and library transformed into a marketplace of Tibetan vendors. Items offered for sale include: blankets, jewelry, statues, prayer flags, incense, clothing, art prints, books, CDs, and Himalayan art calendars. Many…

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Help create a POC retreat center in the Northwest

Gathering Roots Retreat & Wellness Center is working to raise $1.5 million by early 2020 to purchase the beautiful lodge and land for our center on Whidbey Island.

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Group Members

Dharmata of Seattle

Part of  the Nyingma tradition, we are an affiliate of the Dharmata Foundation located in Point Richmond, Ca. We meet once a month on a weekend day for meditation and fellowship, listening to a recent audio of Anam Thubten teaching the dharma.  Pacific NW retreats are offered every year. Please call for more information.

Tradition: Tibetan/Non-sectarian || Location: Seattle, WA

The Compassion Network (TCN Buddhist Center)

A western Buddhist nunnery in the Mahayana tradition that originated by way of China. A small center with a big wish to share wisdom and compassion with all beings. Contemplative programs and retreats, courses on sacred texts, community building, and engaged Buddhism are among the offerings intended to benefit the world. Everyone is welcome! Beginning and advanced practitioners, open hearts...

Tradition: Mahayana || Location: Seattle, WA


Do-it-Yourself Dharma is a peer-led Buddhist community of freaks, geeks, queers, trans folks, rebels, outcasts, stream-enterers, and friends young and old. Folks of all backgrounds, cultures, and traditions are welcome. We meditate together in East Vancouver, following the Buddhist tradition. We strive to create a space for kindness, mutual respect, and safety, free from violence and oppression.   We also have...

Tradition: all traditions and lineages || Location: Vancouver, BC

Island Sangha

Mindfulness Community in the Plum Village tradition

Tradition: Zen || Location: Guemes Island, WA

Northwest Zen Community - Eishoji Soto Zen Temple

We bring together the classical tradition of Soto Zen, founded by Dogen Zenji in the 13th Century, with the contemporary world. We attempt to protect and preserve the time tested Zen practice begun by Dogen and carried through the centuries in the Soto lineages. At the same time, we want to address the many challenges and opportunities of the contemporary...

Tradition: Soto Zen || Location: Bellevue, WA

Rigdrol Dechen Ling Vajra North

established in 1984, only Canadian affiliate of Chagdud Gonpa  

Tradition: Vajrayana || Location: Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada, BC

Insight Meditation of the Mid-Columbia

We are a Buddhist meditation group located in Eastern Washington that practices in the Insight Meditation (Vipassana) tradition. However, anyone interested in meditation practice is welcome to join us. We meet each week for meditation and study.  We also organize regular meditation retreats and support a prison Dharma practice at Coyote Ridge Correctional Center.

Tradition: Vipassana || Location: Richland, WA

Salem Insight

Vipassana practice (guided and unguided sitting periods and a walking period) with tea and dharma discussion before and after the practice. We meet at Oregon School of Massage's Salem Campus (2111 Front St NE) on Monday evenings 7-9 PM, with tea 30 minutes before and after. The two founders are Theravadan practitioners, but the group is nondenominational. Beginners and experienced...

Tradition: Vipassana || Location: Salem, OR

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