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Summer 2019, Volume 32, #1

NW Dharma News

From the Board: Turning Vision into Next Steps!

NWDA community meeting hosted by the Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple, February 6, 2019. From left: Riaz Khan, Washin, Imanaka Taijo Sensei, Sharyn Skeeter, George Draffan, John Guy, Susan Greenfield, Lama Rangdrol, Timothy O’Brien

Over the past several months, the Northwest Dharma Association team has been convening a series of community roundtables. We met with a wonderful cross-section of people and heard about what matters most to them. We’re pleased to report a growing sense of collaboration and mutual support, among many different Buddhist and Buddhist-inspired communities. These include practitioners and teachers bringing mindfulness…

Dharma Education

Strengthening Diversity and Inclusion on the Path

People attending the 2017 Awakening to Whiteness class, held at the Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple in Portland

Reflecting growing awareness of the need for the diversity and inclusion in the dharma, a friend and I developed a series of workshops called “Power, Privilege & Difference: How Buddhist Practice is the Work of Social Restoration.” Most recently in April I led one of these workshops at the Portland Shambhala Center, and Through July, August and September I will…

Compassionate Action

GenX Buddhist Teachers Gather at Great Vow,Find Comradeship and Support in their Variety

The Panel on Integrity and Enlightenment reflected the gathering’s diversity, including Grace Song, Brother Phap Hai, Roshi Chozen Bays, Lama Willa Miller and Singhashri Gazmuri

On an unusually hot day for the Pacific Northwest, some 40 Buddhist teachers converged on Clatskanie, Oregon, to attend the 2019 GenX Buddhist Teachers’ Sangha Gathering (GBTS). The June 12-to-16 gathering of GenX Buddhist leaders from North America and beyond was hosted by Great Vow Zen Monastery. In the rare company of other dharma teachers, of similar age and experience,…

Dharma Healing, Arts

Buddhist Contemplative Gallery Coming Soon With Seattle Asian Art Museum Renovation

A 12th century Japanese Buddha statue, made of wood with gold lacquer, will face the entry. It was a gift of the Monsen family

A distinctive new feature of the renovated Seattle Asian Art Museum will be a small gallery designed to invite Buddhist contemplation and meditation. The gallery, set off from the main visitor pathway, will exhibit only four Buddhist works of art, one on each wall, to allow for more empty space than the other galleries. The sparse art installation in the…

Sangha News

Consecration of Phagtsok Gendun Choling TempleBrings Essence of Tibetan Tradition to Northwest

Dza Kilung Rinpoche presiding over the consecration of the temple

Tibetan Buddhists came from around the world for the May 30 to June 3 consecration of the new Phagtsok Gendun Choling Temple on Whidbey Island, Washington. Supporters of Tibetan Lama Kilung Rinpoche funded construction of the wooden 5,000-square-foot temple, to support his teaching program in the West. Whidbey Island is in the Salish Sea, part of which is called Puget…

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NWDharma Presents!

Northwest Dharma Presents: a blog building community & connections throughout the Pacific Northwest with themed quarterly explorations of mindfulness.

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History of Birken Forest Monastery

Friday, October 4, 2019 6:30-8:00 pm (reception to follow) Segal Building Room 1300 Simon Fraser University 500 Granville Street Vancouver We’re historians working on the early history of Birken Forest Monastery, and will be giving a free public lecture at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver on October 4.  We wanted to put it on your radar, as the subject matter…

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Seattle Scientists Teach Tibetan Monks Modern Cell Biology

In addition to biology, the monks receive crash courses in physics, neuroscience and philosophy. The goal of the program is for the monks to begin teaching their fellow monks and nuns once they complete the six-year curriculum.

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Group Members

Friends of Chamtrul Rinpoche PDX

We support Chamtrul's teaching in Portland, OR.

Tradition: Tibetan || Location: Portland, OR


AiShinKai Fudō Myōō-Ji is both a Buddhist shrine and a martial arts organization devoted to “a life worth living.” Since 1990 we have engaged in Japanese martial and cultural arts order to discover what it means to be fully human: what is the full potential of our body, of our mind, and of our spirit? We study Rinzai, Shingon, and...

Tradition: Shingon/Rinzai || Location: Edmonds, WA

Tergar Meditation Community of Eugene

Tergar Meditation Community of Eugene is part of Tergar Oregon and Tergar International . There are also Tergar communities in Portland and Medford. Tergar Meditation Community supports individuals, practice groups, and meditation communities around the world in learning to live with awareness, compassion, and wisdom. Grounded in the Tibetan Buddhist lineage of our guiding teacher, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, our online and...

Tradition: Tibetan Karma Kagyu and Nyingma lineages || Location: Eugene, OR

Wise Caregiving

Anyone can learn to be a contemplative caregiver. All it takes is a commitment to serve with an open heart. Wise Caregiving is dedicated to helping professional and personal caregivers learn the art of meeting diverse needs with appropriate responses.

Tradition: Zen || Location: Guemes Island, WA

White Cloud Buddhist Society

The White Cloud Buddhist Society was formed during the Song Dynasty, c. 1108 C.E. Following the teachings contained in the Avatamsaka (Hua Yen, or Flower Garland) Sutra, we stress the interconnectedness of all matter, the interrelatedness of all Beings. By studying and following these teachings, we hope to realize the true nature of things and to discover the Enlightenment of...

Tradition: Hua Yen || Location: , WA

Dorje Ling/Yeshe Nyingpo Portland

A Vajrayana (Tibetan) temple in the Nyingma tradition on 7.5 acres next to Forest Park in Northwest Portland. We are closely associated with Tashi Choling Center near Ashland, Oregon, and have been in Portland since the early 1980s. Our practices are open to all and every level. We also celebrate the tsoks of Dakini Day and Guru Rinpoche Day each...

Tradition: Vajrayana (Nyingma) || Location: Portland, OR

Mahasati Retreat Association

The Mahasati Retreat Association is a group of over twenty volunteers, in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco Bay area, Southern California, and Houston, Texas, including several Theravadan Buddhist monks, who are dedicated to promoting the teachings of Ajahn Jamnian (also know as Luang Por Jumnien), a meditation master in the Thai Forest Tradition. Each summer, in June, Ajahn Jamnian travels from...

Tradition: Theravada- Vipassana (Thai Forest Tradition ) || Location: Olympia, WA

Portland Community of Mindful Living, Thursday Night Sangha

Joyful practice of meditation followed by discussion based on readings from the Sutras and from Thich Nhat Hanh's writings. Dharma discussion includes shared experiences of members' practice and insights.

Tradition: Thich Nhat Hanh || Location: Portland, OR

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