Shingyo Pre-sectarian Buddhist Temple

  • Practicing Buddhists have gathered in Shingyo Pre-sectarian Buddhist Temple (Shingyo Temple) to rediscover themselves and find the Buddha’s ways to be truly happy, successful, and enlightened in their everyday lives. While taking part, many of them show sincere desire to support other people, and help them to bring back satisfaction into their lives as well.

    Shingyo Temple was established through the revival movement of pre-sectarian Buddhism. The temple is a non-profit private religious group located in Ellensburg, Washington (satisfying the IRS Church Qualification Guidelines). It follows pre-sectarian Buddhism which is believed to be developed by the Buddha himself. Currently, Rev. Muko Takei is the head priest of the temple and he often explains that Shingyo Temple is not a new Buddhist sect. He established it not only to bring back the Buddha’s simple and profound wisdom but also to become the center for people who devote themselves to bring true happiness and fruitful lives to their communities.

  • The Buddha's Wisdom Circle is held on every Thursday evening (7 to 8 p.m.) in Shingyo Temple, Ellensburg, WA.  Please visit our Meet-up info or contact the Head Priest

  • Pre-sectarian
  • Rev. Dr. Muko Takei
  • Rev Muko Takei
  • Shingyo Pre-sectarian Buddhist Temple
    303 E Kristen Ave
    Ellensburg, WA 98926
  • Shingyo Pre-sectarian Buddhist Temple
  • 08/05/2015