Tsinta Mani Choling

  • Lama Lakshey is a meditation teacher who holds a doctoral degree from Setar Institute in Tibet.  He instructs meditation from a real world perspective and is open to students of all backgrounds and meditation levels. Lama teaches the Buddha-Dharma throughout the United States to both small private and public groups, as a guest lecturer, and instructor in Eastern Psychology.  He currently resides in Spokane, WA and gives teachings at his center Tsinta Mani Choling.

  • Sundays

     9 am-10 am – Practice in English/Tibetan

    Tsinta Mani Center - 2002 N. East Oval, Spokane


    10 am-11 am – Teaching topics vary.

    Tsinta Mani Center and Online - 2002 N. East Oval, Spokane

    ***Online Attendees - Email tsintamani@gmail.com for information.

    **3rd Sunday of every month - 10 am to 11 am - Question and answer time with Lama Lakshey.  Online attendees included.



    Monthly Schedule

    Last Saturday of every month

     11 am-Noon– Tibetan Lu Jong Yoga Class - see tsintamani.org calendar to verify dates

    Souls Center 707 N. Cedar Street

    Suggested donation $10.00 / Members, Patrons, Sponsors $5.00


    *Above schedules may change due to holidays or weather - see tsintamani.org calendar to verify dates

    ***Interested in scheduling Lama Lakshey for an event or a private meeting please text or call the number below.

    Questions – text,  call or email

    Tsinta Mani Center, 2902 N. East Oval Street, Spokane, 99205,

    509 499-9829, tsintamani@gmail.com

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  • Lama Lakshey Zangpo
  • Lama Lakshey
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  • Tsinta Mani Choling
    2902 N. East Oval Street
    Spokane, WA 99205
  • 509 499 9829
  • Tsinta Mani Choling
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