Tsinta Mani Choling

  • Tsinta Mani Choling is a Tibetan Buddhist meditation center devoted to the study of peace and nonviolence, mindfulness training, insight meditation, work/life compassion training, philosophical discourse, and classical Vajrayana Buddhism. The ultimate goal is to reveal the pure luminous true nature of our minds which is the source of our birthright to happiness. The name Tsinta Mani Choling was bestowed by Tulku Tenzin Gyatso, one of the head lamas at Larung Gar Institute in Tibet and means: The Wish Fulfilling Jewel Dharma Center.

    Our meditation classes and events are open to all with many options offered on a drop-in basis. We welcome any and all, from those just curious to those seeking to discover the true pure nature of their hearts and minds.

  • Teachings are now on Zoom visit tsintamani.org website for more information

    Every Sunday 9 – 1000 am  Mediation and Teachings

    Every Sunday 10 – 1100 am  Teachings

    Please visit tsintamani.org for Zoom access to teachings.

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  • Lama Lakshey Zangpo
  • Lama Lakshey Zangpo
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  • Tsinta Mani Choling

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  • Tsinta Mani Choling
  • 02/27/2019