Tahoma One Drop Zen Monastery

  • Tahoma One Drop Zen Monastery is a traditional Rinzai Zen training monastery on Whidbey Island. Osesshin (7 day intensive retreat) and Kosesshin (shorter retreats) emphasizing Zazen practice are offered with opportunity of sanzen with Shodo Harada Roshi and Daichi Roshi. Daily Zazen and Sutra chanting schedule is ongoing as well as mini weekend retreats, all day sits, and work (samu) days. Residency opportunities are available; please contact us for an application. We welcome visitors.

  • The daily schedule is:

    4 am - Wake-up

    4:30 - Choka and Zazen

    7:00 - Breakfast

    7:30 - Inside Cleaning

    8:30 - Samu (work practice)

    12 noon - Lunch

    2 pm - Samu (work practice)

    6:00 - Zazen

    9:00 - Final Sutras

    There are also:

    Monthly full day of sitting (second week-end of each month)

    Monthly mini-sesshin (last week-end of each month)

    and Caregiver Retreats - please phone for scheduling.

  • Zen
  • Shodo Harada Roshi
  • Daichi Storandt
  • 360.331.4142
  • tahoma@whidbey.com
  • http://www.tahomazenmonastery.org
  • Tahoma One Drop Zen Monastery
    6499 Wahl Rd
    Freeland, WA 98249
  • 360.331.4142
  • Tahoma One Drop Zen Monastery
  • 04/10/2016