Sravasti Abbey

  • Sravasti Abbey is an American monastic community in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

    The Abbey's mission is to support a flourishing monastic community where learning and practicing the Buddha's teachings cultivates peace in the hearts of its residents, visitors, and, by extension, in the world.

    While monastic training is the focus, lay visitors are welcomed. Founded in 2003, we are located in rural Eastern Washington on 240 acres of beautiful meadow and forest lands.

  • Sravasti Abbey offers monthly Sharing the Dharma Days, and regular
    retreats, teachings, and courses. Visitors are welcome to offer service and share in
    community life. Check the website calendar for details:

  • Tibetan
  • Ven. Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron
  • Thubten Chonyi
  • Sravasti Abbey
    692 Country Lane
    Newport, WA 99156
  • (509) 447-5549
  • Sravasti Abbey
  • 12/27/2014