Open Gate Zendo

  • The Open Gate Zendo is the primary practice center of the The Boundless Mind Zen School. The fundamental practices of Boundless Mind Zen are zazen(silent, seated meditation), mindfulness(fully responsive awareness) and personal development in both mental and physical disciplines that incorporate spirituality into everyday life.

  • Monday Evenings- Zazen 7:00-7:30, Dharma Talk 7:30-8:00.
    Wednesday Evenings- 7:00-8:15, Zazen-kinhin-Zazen.
    Morning Zazen Mon-Fri 6:00-6:45

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  • Koro Kaisan Miles
  • Koro Kaisan
  • Open Gate Zendo
    4123 Biscay Street NW
    Olympia, WA 98502
  • (360)866-9316
  • Open Gate Zendo
  • 12/27/2014