Foundation for Active Compassion

  • Our Mission:

    To empower people with profound, accessible spiritual practices that support their individual and collective work to become better people and to make a better world.

    We provide powerfully transformative practices from Tibetan Buddhism, adapted into new forms that can meet the hearts and minds of people from all backgrounds and faiths, so as to help them bring out the best in themselves within relationships, service, and social action.

    Through practices that awaken the heart of innate wisdom and compassion, we also provide methods that can support a complete path of spiritual awakening in our time.

    Guided meditations of loving communion and awareness adapted from Tibet for people of all backgrounds and faiths. Everyone is welcome - those with little or no meditation experience, as well as those with much experience who want a fresh approach to their deepest nature.

    Free of charge - The Buddhist practice of "dana" - generosity, offering - is welcome in form of a monetary donation. All $ goes toward materials and future scholarships for student retreats.

    For more information check out or e-mail with any questions.

  • The Innate Compassion & Wisdom Meditation group meets on

    1) the second Sunday of the month 10AM-11AM at Jade River Healing Arts Center, 7303
    SW Bearverton Hillsdale Highway, Portland, OR 97225

    2) the fourth Saturday of the month 10AM-11AM at Om Movement Studio, 14 NE 10th Ave,
    Portland, OR 97232

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  • Foundation for Active Compassion
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  • Foundation for Active Compassion
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