Drikung Seattle

  • Drikung Seattle was founded in 2013 by HE Garchen Rinpoche, a remarkable teacher with a remarkable life story. Garchen Rinpoche was imprisoned during the Communist occupation in Tibet for 20 years in the prime of his life. There, he met his guru Khenpo Munsel and secretly practiced. After his release, Rinpoche spread the teachings of dharma to all corners of the world, sharing his radiance and inspiring all with his example of how one can overcome obstacles and great hardship with love and compassion.

    Garchen Rinpoche shares his profound example and teachings with us on his annual teaching visits to Seattle. We have several other visiting teachers throughout the year and weekly group practice. All are welcome!

  • Group Practice
    Guru Yoga & White Tara practice
    Every 4th Saturday at 10am - Noon
    New Location in Fremont neighborhood. Private Residence.
    Please contact info@drikungseattle.org or call 206-420-9278.


  • Drikung Kagyu
  • HE Garchen Rinpoche
  • Yanfen Wang
  • 206-420-9278
  • info@drikungseattle.org
  • http://www.drikungseattle.org
  • Drikung Seattle
    Fremont neighborhood. Private Residence. Please contact 206-420-9278.
    Seattle, WA 98116
  • 206-420-9278
  • Drikung Seattle
  • 12/27/2014