Dorje Ling/Yeshe Nyingpo Portland

  • A Vajrayana (Tibetan) temple in the Nyingma tradition on 7.5 acres next to Forest Park in Northwest Portland. We are closely associated with Tashi Choling Center near Ashland, Oregon, and have been in Portland since the early 1980s. Our practices are open to all and every level. We also celebrate the tsoks of Dakini Day and Guru Rinpoche Day each month and other special occasions. We also have a retreat cabin in the woods next to Forest Park. Please call, email or write for schedules, questions, more information or curiosity.

  • Our foundational practice (Ngondro) with calm abiding meditation
    is on alternating Sundays at 11 a.m., with our Guru Rinpoche and Dakini Day tsok
    celebrations on the other Sundays. We also have a Buddhist study group on Tuesday,
    7 p.m., and a meditation class Thursday, 7p.m. We also celebrate the main Buddhist
    holidays with special practices. Many other lamas pass our way and teach here on a
    regular basis. For additional information please see our website, call or email and
    you may request to be on our email list for notices of these and other events at
    Dorje Ling. Our retreat center can be contacted at and our
    bookstore at Please join us for any of these activities and to
    enjoy the forest trails and views of the cities, rivers and mountains from this
    hilltop perch on Northwest Skyline Blvd, 10 minutes from downtown Portland.

  • Vajrayana (Nyingma)
  • Ven. Gyatrul Rinpoche
  • Clark Hansen
  • Dorje Ling/Yeshe Nyingpo Portland
    3200 NW Skyline Blvd
    Portland, OR 97229
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  • Dorje Ling/Yeshe Nyingpo Portland
  • 08/29/2018