Dharma Friendship Foundation

  • Our Mission Statement:

    • To sponsor qualified Buddhist teachers to teach Buddhist philosophy, psychology, and meditation.
    • To provide a mutually supportive spiritual community for Buddhist practitioners.
    • To offer the public a variety of Buddhist educational programs ranging from lectures and class series to intensive retreats.
    • To foster the spirit of peace, nonviolence, and compassion in our world, following the inspiring example of His Holiness the Dalai Lama by putting into practice the principles in the Eight Verses of Mind Training.
  • Check website - monthly meetings in the fall, winter, and spring with our spiritual Director Yangsi Rinpoche, and occasional special events with other teachers.

  • Tibetan
  • Yangsi Rinpoche
  • Jordan Van Voast
  • 206-860-5009
  • info@dharmafriendship.org
  • http://www.dharmafriendship.org
  • Dharma Friendship Foundation
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  • 206-860-5009
  • Dharma Friendship Foundation
  • 02/04/2015