Radiant Flower

  • Tibeto-Korean Buddhism.  Meditation oriented with hwadu instruction.  Approach emphasizes standing and walking practice as adjuncts to sitting in the seon pang. Kyolsa groups are mixed lay and ordained with emphasis on mutual support and encouragement.

  • We are a new group, do not anticipate many members, so will try to adjust schedule to members needs. Quality, over length, of sessions, is emphasized.  Kyōlche is June July August and December January February. We are closed during those retreats. Haejae is September October November and March April May.  Open to new practicers during Haejae months.

  • Korean Seon
  • Kyōlsa group
  • Michael Sweney
  • 503-241-4924
  • runtothehorizon@gmail.com
  • Radiant Flower
    3223 SW Water Ave.
    Portland, OR 97239
  • 503-241-4924
  • Radiant Flower
  • 08/08/2020