Wat Buddha Oregon

  • This is a fully functional and traditional Thai temple where many residential retreats are held through the year.  Most Americans know nothing of this temple and its warm hospitality.  The quiet practice hall is large and is nestled in a grove of trees.  Housing and food are provided.  The retreats are held on a donation basis only.

    The local Thai/Lao communities use the temple well for ceremonial purposes and they also come on retreat many times a year.

    There are three monks living at the temple and your local contact will be Ajahn Montri Chaiyo at 503-391-9866.  For further information, please call Ben Heffer at 970-456-3873. or bensue@sopris.net.

  • All Buddhist holidays are conducted here.

    Daily chanting 6 a.m and 7 p.m. and merit making at any time.

    Every Monday there is English instruction of the Vipassana technique.


  • Mahasi style Thai Vipassana
  • Ajahn Chalee Phumiphak
  • Ajahn Montri Chaiyo
  • 503-391-9866
  • bensue@sopris.net
  • http://facebook.com/watbuddhaoregon
  • Wat Buddha Oregon
    8360 David Lane SE
    Turner, OR 97392
  • 503-391-9866
  • Wat Buddha Oregon
  • 12/19/2017