Tahoma Zen Monastery virtual KoSesshin (mini retreat)

Online Event Only

START DATE: Friday, October 16, 2020
END DATE: Sunday, October 18, 2020
TIME: 5:00 am - 9:00 pm
ORGANIZATION: Seattle One Drop Zendo - Water Moon Dojo

Join us online October 16-18, 2020 for a three day virtual KoSesshin. This will follow the same schedule as our Autumnal Equinox sesshin making for a long weekend retreat. Sunday will incorporate Zazenkai and continue through the morning and concluding with a Q&A/discussion. The full schedule will be posted on the website.  The general broadcast schedule will be:

5am – 7am: Choka and zazen

10am to noon: Zazen

2pm to 4pm: Dharma Talk and Zazen

6pm to 9pm: Zazen

If interested in attending all or part of this event, please check the website in the days before.  The essential information, including the full (and revised if needed), schedule, the updated Virtual Sutra book, the Zoom link and other relevant links and details will be posted right before the start of sesshin. A general information post will be put up the week ahead and an email will be sent out to this list. There was some confusion regarding the Zoom link and the schedule for last months sesshin and I’d like to stress that the website post will contain all required information and be the most up to date.

We will continue our examination of Torei Enji’s Discourse on the Inexhaustible Lamp of the Zen School with dharma talks and will conclude the final day with an open discussion of the text.  You can purchase your own copy of the text here (scroll down) or download a PDF of it here (note: 43MB pdf).

Some suggestions and procedure for getting the most out of a virtual sesshin can be found in our Orientation to Virtual Sesshin and our Guidelines for Virtual Events.

As always see the Tahoma event calendar for all of our events and sign up to our Virtual Events Announcement list for updates and links to the virtual events.

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