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Tantric Deep Dive: A week of empowerments

Friday, June 26 - Friday, July 3

What are Vajrayana Empowerments, Initiations and Wongkur?

Namgyal Rinpoche, our lineage root guru, put it best:

In the depth of the psyche lie all possibilities in a state of unrealized potential. In every being there exists the possibility of experiencing transcendental consciousness, which when the student is ready, the Teacher(s) can make accessible to him or her via empowerment, initiation, or wongkur.

One should regard Wongkur as an event in which the Lama sows the seed of transcendental consciousness in the depth of the student. The seed will lie in the unconscious until the student brings it to realization in the practice of meditation.

Why a Week of Empowerments?

Doug and Catherine Sensei will be offering a total of twelve empowerments during this celebration week.  They have chosen to do so, to honour lineage, and to sow the seeds for future realization.  Many of the initiations given will be rare empowerments that they have not given recently.

There will be two empowerments a day, with practice time in between. It will be a busy, bustling, engaging, immersive and quite frankly incredible week.


Mahasangha Event

Member Group: Clear Sky Meditation Center

Michelle Heinz
Phone: 250-581-1005
Email: michelle@clearskycenter.org

Region: Fort Steele, British Columbia

Start: Friday, June 26
End: Friday, July 3

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Event Website:

Clear Sky Retreat Centre
3567 Cockell Rd
Fort Steele, British Columbia V0B 1N0 Canada
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Phone: 250-429-3929

Tradition: Karma Kagyu, Namgyal Lineage
Teacher: Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat

Cost: $860