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(ONLINE) Beyond the Cushion: Awakening our highest potential

Monday, June 1 - Sunday, June 28

What’s needed in our modern globalized society are spiritual awakening practices that embrace both who we are and the culture in which we live. Discover five “awakening in action” principles for modern spiritual explorers. Together these help take you ‘beyond the cushion’, to a more alive and free version of yourself.

This course is offered by Dharma Teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat, who are based at Clear Sky Meditation Center in Eastern BC.

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Member Group: Planet Dharma

Richard Nathaniel
Email: registrar@planetdharma.com

Region: Cyber Space, WA

Start: Monday, June 1
End: Sunday, June 28

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Tricycle Magazine
Cyber Space, Washington United States
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Tradition: Namgyal Lineage
Teacher: Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat