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Rural Dharma Friends Transcend Boundaries
To Create a Sangha Large Enough to Thrive

Seattle Dharma Pioneers Joel and Michelle Levey
Develop New Ways to Inspire and Engage

Tahoma Zen Monastery Plans for 1,000 Years

Tavares Strachan’s Sculpture of Panchen Lama
Recently Featured at Seattle’s Frye Art Museum

Cambodian, Lao and Thai People Band Together
To Build Temple in Lake Stevens, Washington

New Seattle Buddhist Studies Series Could Grow

People New to Buddhism Drive Spokane Growth

Temple Ground Press Publishing New Books
Compiled by Female Zen Leaders

Dalai Lama and Thubten Chodron Release New Book
From Library of Wisdom of Compassion Series

Bhikkhu Bodhi Walks to Feed the Hungry
Set in Seattle and Portland in Coming Months

Dharma Leaders Meet to Exchange Ideas and Plans

NWDA Launches Summer Funding Drive:
Please Join Those Who Make This Work Possible