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Shambhala Community Expanding Offerings to Eastside Technology Communities East of Seattle

New Portland Store Offers Meditation Cushions
You Can Try Them There, and See What Fits

Island Zen Center Shares Jewish Group’s Space

Portland’s 12th Buddhist Festival Celebrates
Diversity, Harmony Among Many Traditions

Three Bozeman Buddhist Groups Share a New Home: Bozeman Dharma Center

Northwest Buddhist Women Contribute to Unique 
Parliament of World’s Religions in Salt Lake City

With great joy, chanting together for 24 hours

Mindfulness Transforms Seattle Artist’s Creations

Northwesterners Dance Praises to Tara 
At the 14th Sakyadhita Conference in Indonesia

Jade Buddha’s Last Visit, New Temple, 
Attracted Visitors to August Seattle Ceremony

Mindfulness: The Modern World Takes on an Ancient Idea

Tibetan nuns step closer to historic milestone