Archive for June, 2014

Seattle-Area Monastics Gather for Vesak

A Tibetan Sand Mandala, Traditional Teachings
Commemorate the Dalai Lama’s 2013 Visit to Portland

Seattle’s Co Lam Temple Offers Serene Terraced
Garden of Buddhist Art and Statues

Stepping out of the Silent Practice Box:
Insight Meditation for Parents and Children

Promoting Equal Education in Humla,
A Remote Region of Nepal

Hearing the Heart Cries of the World:
50 Years of Listening at Seattle’s Crisis Clinic

Coming to Terms with Human Cruelty:
A Retreat 20 Years after Rwanda Massacre

Buddhist-Christian Talks Start at Seattle University,
With Hopes of Deepening Future Ties

Ajahn Sona and the Company of Solitude
Reflections from a Year of Solitary Retreat

Dalai Lama to Confer Empowerment, Teach Lojong
During Oct. 21-23 Visit to Vancouver, B.C.